Yoga & Meditation


 Whether you are a beginner or advanced practitioner, we will coach you to perform yoga postures and adaptations for your individual goals and challenges. 

Ranya also provides guidance and support to learn mindfulness both on and off of the meditation cushion. An invaluable practice to improve focus and inner calm.  Individual and Studio Classes available.


Wednesdays Jan 8th - Feb 12th, 2020


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  Our philosophy when it comes to nutrition is simple. Eat more whole, nurturing foods and less artificially processed foods, that bring dis-ease. In addition we understand that food goes beyond calories in and calories out. We know that there is not one dietary plan that works for all. Geri addresses very personal lifestyle, cultural influences and emotional challenges.  You will learn ways to eat nutritious foods without feeling deprived. This leads to a sustainable, long-term, eating strategy.



  Our training philosophy is based on functional movement and balance at its core. Specific goals are addressed through a series of exercises that don't require typical gym equipment, but rather focus on your own body mechanics. Whether you are a novice, moderate fitness enthusiast or seeking to accomplish an athletic goal Josué has the experience to support you. Learn more about our signature OneMovement sessions for kids and adults below.

Personal Health Coaching


   Are you looking to work on a specific health challenge or just feel stuck?  Personal Health Coaching is a method of guiding clients to address their habits and help with sustainable behavioral change.  The goal is to improve overall well-being by addressing lifestyle choices and thought patterns.. Michele can work with you in a stand alone coaching series or in conjunction with other health-related services for maximum results. You may be starting from a place of concern or good health – either way, an initial Lifestyle Assessment can help uncover needs and determine focus for coaching sessions.

Massage & Reiki


 We provide a highly customized approach to massage therapy. The foundation is body work to improve movement and decrease pain. Josué has a wide-range of expertise and extensive experience to address your concerns through therapeutic massage. 

Ranya provides private Reiki which is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by "laying on hands" to bring back balance and overall well-being. 

Corporate ~ Schools


We provide organizations with group classes for kids and adults, chair massage and healthy living workshops.  We can also arrange consulting support for you to develop ongoing health & wellness solutions to your team.

See below to learn more about the OneMovement class series for kids ages 8-14 years of age.


OneMovement is a signature OneWellness program designed by Josué Figueroa.  OneMovement sessions combine the basics of functional movement and brain-based fitness training .  This training can accelerate those involved in athletics or enhance skills for those who simply need encouragement to move focus, address injury, improve balance, behavior and overall coordination.  For additional information please see the attached flyer below.