Our Philosophy: The Six Pillars of Health



  Having a balanced diet consisting of at least 75% whole (non-processed) food. Creating a positive relationship with food that nourishes your body, does not do harm and that you enjoy.


  Receiving a weekly average of 8 uninterrupted hours of quality sleep per day to restore.


  Taking time, without distraction, to reflect on your most personal values, vision and voice. Connecting to important people in your life and engaging in meaningful activities.


  Working on healthier thought patterns with more focus and less self-sabotage.


  Engaging in consistent movement including a balanced routine of strength, cardiovascular conditioning and flexibility. 


  Remembering to live, laugh and play!

About Us


  OneWellness provides our clients with a single resource for exceptional health and wellness services in Silicon Valley. Single or integrative services can be offered at our studio in Redwood City, in your home on the Peninsula or at your office/school location.


  Each client has very personal needs when it comes to their individual health and wellness program. Some have specific goals to achieve, some have symptoms to resolve and others have both. And these needs are changing all the time. Trying to figure out how to piece together a solution is time consuming and confusing which is why we offer intakes and assessments to help guide you. 


  There's only one you, but no one single path to optimum health. It can be difficult to navigate through your options, and even more challenging to coordinate it all. At OneWellness we support each client with finding their way. As your personal wellness concierge, we help identify your immediate goals and create an individualized wellness plan that best meets your very specific needs and lifestyle.