Client Stories

Alyssa S.

  In just a few short months of working with Michele, I was able to completely restructure my relationship with food. She introduced me to new, whole foods that are now a staple in my diet. With her advice and knowledge, I learned how to thoroughly enjoy food and what it can do for me. I am in college and had been faced with not only with my own food issues but pressure from school and a lack of understanding about how to even find good food! I also learned that achieving a healthy weight does not mean being deprived or constantly counting calories. Her exercises are very thought provoking and helped me find the link I was looking for between my emotions and eating habits. I started to understand the idea of the "6 Pillars of Health" as the weeks went on and realized I had to be aware of all of these areas to be healthy. Becoming an active, more aware and healthy person created a genuine happiness that couldn't help but flow into other aspects of my life. Family and friends really noticed! I have grown exponentially as a person over the past few months, and a great deal of the credit goes to Michele and OneWellness philosophy.

Meg L.

  I have been working out with Josué for over 7 years and can no longer imagine a fitness regime that doesn't include him. I have always been physically active but with Josue's help, I've achieved a greater level of fitness than I've had in many years. Josue has a deep level of knowledge and is consistently introducing me to new, creative and interesting exercises. More importantly, he brings an enthusiasm to everything he does that makes each workout fun and something to look forward to. Regardless of how I feel when I arrive, I leave the gym feeling refreshed and rejuvenated — both physically and mentally. I then realized that I needed to learn more about other areas besides fitness. I was overwhelmed by messages about what "healthy eating" was and how other factors contributed to my overall health. I felt I needed a very personalized approach to what this would look like for ME. Michele's coaching, along with the weekly reading materials, changed the entire way I think of food. I no longer waste time worrying about what to eat. I'm less stressed. I'm sleeping better and I've got more energy than I know what to do with. Best of all, I gained the foundational skills to make the change last for a lifetime..and it's not that hard! All in all, I see OneWellness as a way of life. I am much more aware of, but less stressed about, overall healthy routines that work for me.

John K.

Ranya is a life saver. Her kind, gentle and wise guidance has brought a new level of peace into my life. My family has noticed the difference too and can attribute my actions as more intentional, aware and observant. I trust her in my home when she instructs me in private sessions especially created for me. She now teaches my teenage daughter and will soon be teaching my son. There are so many ways my life has benefited. I’m more centered. I’m more at ease in my own body and mind and I’m more aware of my emotions. And after working with her over the last 4 years, my body has completely changed! I’m more flexible, strong and poised. I understand how these ancient yoga techniques can be used in all facets of my life. From how I think, to what I eat, and to how I relate to others. I meditate daily now and I see the world in more meaningful ways. I sleep better too. I can not recommend Ranya enough. Her skill and wisdom reach far beyond the physical practices of yoga, moving into the very heart of the practice - into the spiritual, intellectual and emotional realms. If you want to change your life in ways you never imagined were possible, work with Ranya today, she is amazing. 

Michael S.

   Michele and Josue, I just wanted to drop you a note and say "THANKS" for all you have done for me and my family. I trusted you with the wellbeing of my 2 daughters and my aging mom and it was the best decision I have ever made. I have also referred other members of my family and friends and they all come back with glowing reports. OneWellness has shown me that it is NEVER too late to change your life for the better. I will continue to refer anyone I can to you and your team. Keep up the good work!!!!

Sophie P.

We love having Ranya here in the office to practice Yoga with us!

Curtis S.

  I have been training with Josué for over 9 years now. He developed a dynamic and unique training routine that fits my personal needs and incorporates a multi-dimensional approach to improving my overall well being: unconventional exercises, circuit training, cardio, weight work and massage. The results have been very satisfying: weight loss, core strength, better flexibility and, perhaps most important, more energy to play with my young daughter!